‘What Sounds Good Tonight?’ is the perfect pairing of food and music. Where toe-tapping meets pot-stirring (the good kind). Where the dinner groove is found once again. Created in partnership with Universal Music Group, this limited-edition music collection serves up fresh takes on both beloved dishes and iconic tracks brought to you exclusively via the famous Campbell’s® red-and-white label.

What is Campbell’s® doing?

As more Americans are cooking at home than they have in years prior and looking for creativity in the kitchen, Campbell’s® partnered with Universal Music Group (UMG) to unveil a specially marked label on their iconic red and white cans that unlocks reimagined classic songs performed by recording artists, each paired with their favorite brand recipe and answer the age-old question, ‘What Sounds Good Tonight?’

Why is Campbell’s working with musicians?

According to a Campbell’s survey, 68% of people listen to music while they cook and one third cite listening to music as a way to inspire creativity. With more Americans cooking at home than ever before, Campbell’s wanted to double down on the inspiration and passion that music can bring to your in-home cooking experience and help answer the question ‘what sounds good tonight?’

Is this a real music label?

No. With the close intersection between food and music, Campbell’s partnered with UMG to create a special QR code on red and white labels where fans can access exclusive reimagined songs, from top talent, paired with recipes to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

How can I get access to the label experience?

Specially marked Campbell’s soup cans will feature an ‘M’m! M’m! Records’ QR code where fans can scan and access a curated playlist of iconic songs, each paired to a Campbell’s recipe, that are meant to drive inspiration and creativity while cooking.

Where can I get the specially marked cans?

Fans can find the specially marked cans at select retailers across the country.

Where can I listen to the playlist?

Consumers can visit Campbell’s Spotify channel and listen to the official What Sounds Good Tonight? playlist.

When will the cans be available and for how long?

The cans are available now while supplies last.

Do I have to buy a can to participate?

There is no purchase necessary.

How do I submit my own demo?

Aspiring musicians can submit their original songs via SoundCloud starting Nov. 15. Stay tuned to the homepage for direct link to complete contest details, rules, and how to participate and submit your own demo.

How long will the SoundCloud contest run?

The contest will run from November 15 through December 13.

Do I win anything if I submit a demo?

The winning artist will be able to have their song added to the ‘M’m! M’m! Records’ music collection as well as receive $20,000 to help them on their music journey.